Dissatisfaction sells

We all know it really, it is dissatisfaction that sells. The quenched don’t buy drink, the satiated don’t buy food and once you have everything you need then all that is left is stuff that you don’t. Of course, most of us have passed the point of having met our basic needs a long time … Continue reading Dissatisfaction sells

The same three things

I must have mentioned this over and over again this morning. I was with Simon, a photographer living in the middle of Northumberland, blissfully miles from anywhere and talking to him about developing, or rather redeveloping his business. I have mentioned him before as he is someone I have the pleasure of being involved with … Continue reading The same three things

Rural problems

Over the last year Justin and I have been working with a small number of rural businesses to help them develop. We struggled with what rural meant in this context. Is a rural business one that is based in an area with few homes or other buildings and a low population density? Or is it … Continue reading Rural problems

This is the well we drink from

  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not condoning either of the activities that I am going to talk about in this blog but rather want to use them to highlight how funny people are.  We are fickle and apply different rules depending upon the situation.  We then go on to justify how right … Continue reading This is the well we drink from

Unfolding plans 151 – Employee engagement and culture

This week is flying by.  It’s day four of National customer Service Week already.  I’m still wearing my Institute of Customer Service badge (with pride) even though I’ve changed jackets since yesterday.  Today’s theme is employee engagement and culture which is perfect as we’re having our second day of our Lean Start-Up training.  The group … Continue reading Unfolding plans 151 – Employee engagement and culture

Unfolding plans 132 – more jobs or fewer jobs

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.  That’s what I have often been told.  We’ve been telling a story about the North East and the technical industry. It is about the number of jobs that the sector carries.  We’ve been saying that there are thirty thousand jobs and two thousand … Continue reading Unfolding plans 132 – more jobs or fewer jobs

Unfolding plans 130 – Lean start up

Lean start up sounded an interesting concept.  Justin, one of my colleagues at Dynamo was telling me about it.  In essence I took it to be a way of shaping your business ideas before you get too bogged down in business plans and financing.  It is a way of making sure that your idea has … Continue reading Unfolding plans 130 – Lean start up

Unfolding plans 127 – change management

I’ve got myself a new gig.  Mike from Sogno said that I should get involved with the Change Management Institute and put me onto Craig who organises things locally.  We met up and he’s signed me up for one night only.  It is going to be on the fifth of October at a venue to … Continue reading Unfolding plans 127 – change management

Unfolding plans 86 – no internet access

My WiFi at home is broken. It's like we've gone back to the dark ages if not the Stone Age. Everything I have taken for granted when using my connected devices over the last few years has disappeared. Chickens have come home to roost. I've had to rely on 3G through the phone. I don't … Continue reading Unfolding plans 86 – no internet access