Unfolding plans 165 – the demand curve

You can do anything with ICT given enough time and money.  Well, nearly anything.  That’s great.  It means that we can all do thousands of things now that we couldn’t do in the past.  Things are certainly different from when I was a lad.  When I was at school we had no computers at all.  … Continue reading Unfolding plans 165 – the demand curve

Unfolding plans 145 – Video kills

Video was never my medium.  It just doesn’t work for me.  I fluff my lines and get all tongue tied.  I’m more nervous on video than with any other format.  I don’t know why, perhaps it is the permanence of it all.  I think I get hung up on how I’m coming across rather than … Continue reading Unfolding plans 145 – Video kills

Unfolding plans 116 – A break through in bureaucracy

Having said that I’d made very little progress with reducing bureaucracy using digital technologies (see me mid-year scorecard Unfolding Plans 100) there has been a flurry of activity.  Thanks to Mark, we’ve finally made some sort of breakthrough.  I said that I’d been banging on about a couple of paper based processes that have really … Continue reading Unfolding plans 116 – A break through in bureaucracy

Unfolding plans 86 – no internet access

My WiFi at home is broken. It's like we've gone back to the dark ages if not the Stone Age. Everything I have taken for granted when using my connected devices over the last few years has disappeared. Chickens have come home to roost. I've had to rely on 3G through the phone. I don't … Continue reading Unfolding plans 86 – no internet access

Oh to be famous

Day fifteen of the ‘Blogging from A-Z Challenge’.  It seems that being famous is not the domain of the right handed.  There are plenty of lefties out there who have gone on to do great things, so many in fact that there is a day set aside each year to celebrate their success.  August 13 … Continue reading Oh to be famous

Incentive to come together

It has long been believed that larger organisations are more efficient than smaller ones, or at least have greater capacity for efficiency.  This can certainly be proven in areas such as use of assets, retention of skills, reduction on overhead etc. but whether such efficiencies lead to greater effectiveness is another story, one for another … Continue reading Incentive to come together

Cut cost and save money. Beware of fallacious arguments.

I received this in my email this morning (I’ve removed all reference to the organisation that sent it as that is not the issue):  ‘As the [Government’s] Digital by Default agenda moves swiftly forward, it is now more important than ever for the public sector to embrace new digital technologies. According to the Government's Digital … Continue reading Cut cost and save money. Beware of fallacious arguments.