It’s all in the numbers

What have we become? One of my daughters told me about an app that you can download that tells you how long you spend on your phone. I downloaded it and ended up checking up on how many times I unlocked it. On one day it was 106 times. My obsession with my phone has … Continue reading It’s all in the numbers

Sales is an emotional experience

Not that I need reminding but I become more and more convinced that selling is a question of emotion rather than fact. People don’t necessarily buy products because of what they are but because of how they make then feel or they project an image of the kind of person they would like to be. … Continue reading Sales is an emotional experience

Unconscious bias

We were making our way into the Metro Centre from the Debenhams end when we saw a very young boy getting into one of the fun buggies that can be hired from the customer service desk. The buggies are shaped like cars and can be pushed around while the child sits inside and pretends to … Continue reading Unconscious bias

Atlas Shrugged

Spoiler alert. I have been reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I still am, it is a long book yet it has left me in a dilemma. At times I think it is the most fantastic of books while at others I don’t agree with some of the sentiments it contains. Perhaps that is the … Continue reading Atlas Shrugged

Our greatest resource

Rachel, a friend of mine from my Durham days posted on Twitter ‘It may be a snow day for some, however for those who are freelance and self-employed, snow days can often mean no pay days.’ She is right. For many of us who are working in the gig economy disruption can have significant consequences. … Continue reading Our greatest resource

Chimps in the Snow

The snow is such an inconvenience. It gets in the way of modern life. It messes up with our plans and turns our daily routine on its head. While it looks beautiful it is not compatible with the way that I want my life to run. As it falls and the world around me grinds … Continue reading Chimps in the Snow