Keep Mars tidy

Image thanks to Bloomberg NASA’s Mars 2020 has successfully landed on the red planet, delivering its payload of the rover Perseverance and the small robotic helicopter Ingenuity. What a fantastic achievement. I can’t begin to think about the mathematics and physics involved in delivering such an inch perfect expedition. It is a testament to humanity’s … Continue reading Keep Mars tidy

Ethical Business Toolkit

This week I’m cheating a bit, in that I am using the same, or at least very similar blogs in two places but last week’s launch of the North East Initiative on Business Ethics’ (NIBE) Ethical Business Toolkit was a momentous occasion and one in which I have played a significant role. The following blog … Continue reading Ethical Business Toolkit

A criminal offence to mislead

Image thanks to You’re receiving this email because you signed this petition: “Make it a criminal offence for MPs to mislead the public”.  I knew this one hadn’t a chance of passing into legislation yet I still feel it is important to continue with these petitions. Even if they don’t achieve anything immediately they … Continue reading A criminal offence to mislead