Art and cyber again

I am thinking about art and cyber security again. Not only is this year’s Crafty Cyber Eyes well underway with over a dozen artists involved but the programme is getting international recognition.  A paper submitted by the team from Sunderland University has been accepted for presentation at the 35th  International BCS Human-Computer Interaction Conference at … Continue reading Art and cyber again

I agree with the Daily Mail

Well, there’s a sentence I never thought I would write. It’s true, at least in part. Last Friday’s headlines screamed ‘WHAT A FARCICAL WASTE OF TIME AND £460,000’ referring to the ongoing PartyGate scandal and the subsequent ‘investigation’ by the Metropolitan Police. The whole affair has without doubt been an incredible waste of time and … Continue reading I agree with the Daily Mail

Department for international Trade

A view of signage for the Department for International Trade in Westminster, London. I don’t think it’s imposter syndrome but I am in awe of big organisations, especially government departments. They bring with them a sense of the power and the authority they convey. I can’t say why, as when I meet the people they … Continue reading Department for international Trade