Paradigms Lost 300 coverParadigms Lost

The way that we think about work is wrong, we are caught in a system based upon control. 

Work is the only place where we expect to be told what to do. We are told at what time to come in, where to sit, when to have lunch or when to take a holiday. We are, in effect, told who to associate with, who to answer to, what to do and even the way in which we do it. Yet no one comes into work to be controlled.

The job of management is not to control but to enable, to create the environment in which work flourishes and we need to lose this addiction with control. The future of all business lies in collaboration and co-creation.

Everyone says that their most important asset is our people so let them free. Free from location, free from hierarchy, free from dogma. Liberate them and support them to do what they do best.

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Guerrilla Working

Work is changing.  The future will be different from today and the new approach starts with Guerrilla Working – the deliberate mixing up of people and teams, bringing talent together wherever it matters to solve issues and create opportunities.  Groups of people come together drawing on their own experiences, developing new levels of understanding through different perceptions, building relationships and laying down new knowledge that can be used in addressing future challenges.   

Guerrilla Working is a challenge to all of the procedures, practices and tenets that hold current organisations together but are in fact holding them back.  It is not anti-management, opposed to structures or designed to do away with buildings.  Instead it helps organisations to make the best use of the enormous talent that is locked upon inside their employees, their customers and other stakeholders.

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