My last blog of the year 2017

I always try to finish off the year with something special to say. All of my blogs try to say something yet the end of the year and the start of the new one is a strange time, a period of reflection and a opportunity for renewal.   The world does not know any difference. … Continue reading My last blog of the year 2017

Hanging round universities

In my new life I seem to be hanging round the universities a lot. I was never a stranger as such when I was working at Durham but since then I find myself in all sorts of events at Newcastle, Northumbria and Sunderland University. I am off to Teesside in the new year as well. … Continue reading Hanging round universities

Disruptive opportunity

I was once told a story by someone who had been to an open air opera.  I think it was Sarah and it was in Italy but those bits of information are not germane to the tale. What is important is that it was in the open air and the sun was shining, or at … Continue reading Disruptive opportunity