Growth through Mentoring

I’ve been doing a lot of networking lately.  Since leaving Durham I have thrown myself headlong into seeing as many people as possible to try and gauge what opportunities may be out there.  It is amazing how kind and generous people are. One of them is Helen from the North East LEP.  There is enormous … Continue reading Growth through Mentoring

Happy birthday Art

It’s Art’s birthday.  I had forgotten all about it until Facebook reminded me.  Art is not a real person, he is a figment of my imagination and his story goes back to July 2009.  I was working at North Tyneside Council at the time and we had just moved into the nice new Quadrant building … Continue reading Happy birthday Art

Stop blogging so much

I think I’m going to have to stop blogging so much.  It is something I really enjoy doing yet it is a big commitment, thinking of something to write, remembering to publish and all that, especially since I am supposed to be part time.  I’ve been blogging every work day for nearly four years now. … Continue reading Stop blogging so much

Describing the amorphous

Our processes support the definite.  They struggle with the more amorphous.  It is difficult to use our processes to conceptualise. This always catches me out.  I am a person who likes to do his thinking in public.  I like to come to meetings with half-baked ideas.  I want to use the discussions to help shape … Continue reading Describing the amorphous

Training Apprentices

How exciting I am now a director of an ATA, an Apprentice Training Agency.  Service Direct Newco, a wholly owned subsidiary of the council has been awarded this status.  It has been a long up-hill climb to get there but it offers us some important capabilities.  My thanks must go to Cath, Steven and Lee … Continue reading Training Apprentices

#DurHack 2017

University seems to be so much more fun when I was there.  Perhaps it was the subject that I did or perhaps it's all the cool stuff they get to play with now.  The students do work hard though.  Again a lot more than when I was there.  If I remember rightly my years at … Continue reading #DurHack 2017


Sometimes it works out that people can’t make the meetings that have been arranged and so you end up with some spare time to catch up.  Not that you can ever catch up as there is always more to do but it helps.  This is how it was this morning with my first two meetings.  … Continue reading Durhack