Art and Cyber

People look at me as if I am odd when I talk to them about art and cyber security. They struggle to get their heads around the concept and will say something along the lines of ‘I know nothing about art’. There are, however, a few people that got it, thankfully. 

I guess my fascination with art has come from two places but before I start on my story can I say that I am not an artist and wouldn’t claim to know anything about it either. My career ended with an O level, I got a C by the way. The subject was ‘Down at the Station’ and I ended up doing a pencil drawing of Kojak. Hopefully both O levels and Kojak mean something to you. As I have grown older I have come to wish I had worked a bit harder or had a modicum of natural talent as I have come to realise that societies are defined and remembered by their art. Anyway, back to my story.

My eldest daughter is an artist, she studied art at school, then college then university. I started to take an interest to support her and engage with her better. During this time I was part of the team that moved North Tyneside Council into its building in Cobalt Business Park and ended up running both IT and Facilities Management. The budding has a long wide corridor with plain white walls and I thought it would be a great opportunity to show some paintings. Having no money I approached the local sixth form colleges to see if they would put their students end of year shows on the wall. We also made some spec available for sculpture. I covered this before in Happy Birthday Art and it was a great success. 

Looking for an angle for #CyberFest I thought it might be a good idea to look at how art could be used to bring different perspectives to cyber security. One of the biggest problems of the industry is that many people are turned off by it and would rather shy away from the problems rather than face them. They feel it will never happen to them. Using art could cut through to different people. This is how we ended up at last year’s festival with the Cyber Cage project, which was very much affected by COVID.

This year, thanks to Creative Fuse North East, the idea has taken off, with many different artists and companies involved. The opening exhibition at Breeze Creatives in Sunderland was amazing, with painting, glass, pottery, sculpture, video and poetry on show. 

If you are interested the art will be on display again at the season finale on 30 September at the JOhn Marley Centre in Newcastle Tickets are freehand available from here.

I hope to see you there and perhap I am not so odd after all.

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