Unfolding plans 86 – no internet access

My WiFi at home is broken. It’s like we’ve gone back to the dark ages if not the Stone Age. Everything I have taken for granted when using my connected devices over the last few years has disappeared. Chickens have come home to roost.
I’ve had to rely on 3G through the phone.

I don’t know what happened. I’d not been able to log in to the secure connection on Friday morning but I hadn’t let that bother me as I had a relatively quiet day ahead. When I got in that evening though, things had not improved and so I switched the router off and on again, as you do. There was still nothing and so I tried changing the transformer and checked different power sockets but there was nothing.   It had died a death and would never come back to life.  May it rest in peace.

That’s when the fun started.  I thought to ring my provider, an internationally recognised brand but where could I find the number?  Where could I get support?  The answer was online of course.  My phone came to the rescue.  I found the number and rang only to be caught in an IVR hell.  I was repeatedly asked the same questions to which I gave the same answers only to be told that it looked like I had a problem with my broadband.  With a dead router in my hand I was already aware of that.  Screaming at the phone that ‘the router is dead’ or ‘I just want to speak to a person’ didn’t help to either solve my problem or improve my mood.

By the time I did get through to someone I just had to let him know how I felt and how difficult it was to get through.  He assured me that I wasn’t the first person to have raised this with them which made me wonder why large companies persist with such technology.  Does it save them money and if it does is it worth the reputational damage?  I doubt it.

Anyway the conversation went along the lines of: How may I help you? My router’s dead. Can you give me the make and model number? It’s and Echolife HG520s. Oh, that’s old, I’ll send you out a new one.

It was at this point that I realised things needed to change.  I’d been thinking about upgrading for some time but for one reason or another had never got around to it.  The product failure was a great opportunity to move to superfast fibre based broadband.  I’ve really left it too long and it is case of cobbler’s shoes.  I’ve talked about superfast and promoted it to everyone else and now I’ve finally joined the party.

Hopefully by the end of the week I will have a brand new router installed and working, with a new TV package thrown in that I can use across all of the televisions we have in the house, and for a discounted installation charge (for my loyalty) it is going to end up cheaper than my old package.

I did get a good run out of my old router though.

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