Phil loves books

One of the pleasures of having a granddaughter is having to sit and watch CBeebies with her. It’s not that we encourage too much television watching but rather I don’t have the energy to entertain her for a whole day. We have fallen into a routine of an hour in the morning before we go … Continue reading Phil loves books

Smart Stanley again

Smart Stanley seems to be going well.  The idea is to have a number of small projects that use digital to enhance the experience of the town for everyone that lives there, works there or is a visitor.  We made a major breakthrough with the launch of the web site a few weeks back.  Daniel … Continue reading Smart Stanley again

Opening data

I think I’m finally beginning to win the argument over open data.  It has been a long haul and there are many sceptics.  They are quite right to be so, as it’s very hard to prove the benefits of opening up data for all to see.  Some projects have done it very well and are … Continue reading Opening data

Judging the competition

You would think that judging a competition is easy, well let me tell you that you would be wrong.  When I was asked to chair the panel for this year’s Dynamites 16, the North East Technology Awards event, I thought that it would be a piece of cake.  I mean how hard can it be?  … Continue reading Judging the competition

Creative and artistic work

I have come to admire artists, those who can see things that others can’t, those who can create beauty from oil on canvas, clay or marble and those who can challenge our perceptions and help us to see life in a different way. I don’t know much about the art world however, yet I finally … Continue reading Creative and artistic work

Our precarious positon

I was woken this morning by the flash of lightning and the long low rumbling of thunder. It was quite a storm, a tempest perhaps but it was dark outside so I rolled over and tried to get back to  sleep. It was no good however.  The storm was too big and too long.  I … Continue reading Our precarious positon

Awards again

It is the awards season again and I'm in two minds. I never know if award events are good things.  I am not alone. A quick straw poll of my Leadership Team would suggest that we are all of the same view.  We are all slightly uncomfortable with them yet recognise that they have some … Continue reading Awards again

Doing our own thing

We are prisoners of our language.  It defines what we mean yet it confines our ability to change.  The way we describe things sets the tone for all subsequent thought about that subject, if we are not careful. I recall reading how Taiichi Ohno, considered to be the father of the Toyota Production System, had … Continue reading Doing our own thing

National Boss / Employee Exchange Day

So yesterday was National Boss / Employee Exchange Day.  I’m not sure which nation this refers to but I suspect it is America.  There seems to be a day for everything now.  Who make these things up?  What does swapping the boss and employee actually mean? According to the blurb the day gives employees and … Continue reading National Boss / Employee Exchange Day

Smart Stanley Website Lunch

The rise of digital services and online trading is often seen as a threat to the high street as trade is drawn away from traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ outlets to online shops. Digital services however offer much more than online trading, such as the ability to provide information, promote business and visitor attractions as well … Continue reading Smart Stanley Website Lunch