Sabine Hauert is a swarm engineer. She is also a lecturer in robotics at Bristol University and spends a lot of her time designing swarming nanobots for biomed applications. I heard her give a fascinating presentation at Thinking Digital this year, another one to add to the ever growing list of reasons to have gone … Continue reading Swarm!

Making tax taxable

The Government issued the VAT Notice 700/22: Making Tax Digital for VAT back in March 2019. ‘Making Tax Digital for VAT requires VAT registered businesses with taxable turnover above the VAT registration threshold to keep records in digital form and file their VAT Returns using software. It is increasingly common for business records and accounts … Continue reading Making tax taxable

Location, location, location

How do you know if your region is doing well or not? How do you know if a particular sector is successful? These are the questions I was trying to answer when I fell into the wonderful world of economic data. I was looking at the digital sector in a part of the North East. … Continue reading Location, location, location

Broader broadband

I'm not involved in the Digital Durham programme as much as I used to be, at least not in the direct provision of broadband. This is testament to the great work that the team is doing back at World Headquarters. They don't need me to poke my nose in. I was reminded at the board … Continue reading Broader broadband

Talking the tech industry up

I had the pleasure of attending the #NewcastleGateshead Digital Sector Mapping event at the Toffee Factory this morning.  I had never been there before.  The event was to launch a report on the tech scene in the region.  I’d contributed to the report, in part by pointing out that the North East is more than … Continue reading Talking the tech industry up

Smart Stanley again

Smart Stanley seems to be going well.  The idea is to have a number of small projects that use digital to enhance the experience of the town for everyone that lives there, works there or is a visitor.  We made a major breakthrough with the launch of the web site a few weeks back.  Daniel … Continue reading Smart Stanley again

Opening data

I think I’m finally beginning to win the argument over open data.  It has been a long haul and there are many sceptics.  They are quite right to be so, as it’s very hard to prove the benefits of opening up data for all to see.  Some projects have done it very well and are … Continue reading Opening data