Bloody efficient

I give blood.  I do so out of a sense of civic responsibility though it could be because I am pompous and enjoy that feeling of self-righteous smug satisfaction.  I have a silver card which is somewhere between twenty five and forty nine donations. I don't think I'll ever get to eat at the Palace. … Continue reading Bloody efficient

Incentive to come together

It has long been believed that larger organisations are more efficient than smaller ones, or at least have greater capacity for efficiency.  This can certainly be proven in areas such as use of assets, retention of skills, reduction on overhead etc. but whether such efficiencies lead to greater effectiveness is another story, one for another … Continue reading Incentive to come together

Am I entitled to treatment?

I received a letter this week inviting me to attend an appointment at my local hospital.  It is for some treatment for an on-going condition that I have put off for too long and am glad that the letter has now arrived.  I can start to plan around it and soon I’ll be like new. … Continue reading Am I entitled to treatment?