Stop blogging so much

I think I’m going to have to stop blogging so much.  It is something I really enjoy doing yet it is a big commitment, thinking of something to write, remembering to publish and all that, especially since I am supposed to be part time.  I’ve been blogging every work day for nearly four years now. … Continue reading Stop blogging so much

Right in front of me

I think it was Warren Berger who said that ‘When people fail to see what's right in front of them, it's often because they stopped looking too soon.’  How true and I think I have been caught out by his words.  In case you are interested Warren Berger is an American journalist and author of … Continue reading Right in front of me

New year new people

It was my first day back (I am writing this a day later) and already I have met two people that I have never met before.  At our Elephant Eating party we made a commitment to say hello to someone new every day and so I’m up by one.  I have started in a way … Continue reading New year new people

Last Blog of the Year

The last blog of the year ought to be something special.  I may be tempted to write something between now and the new year but this must be my last official piece.  What better subject to finish on then other than the work to try and get more women into the tech industry, something that … Continue reading Last Blog of the Year

Effect on performance

A trip down to Manchester seemed like a pleasant day out.  I was asked to go down and speak at the North West regional meeting of Socitm.  The invitation had come about when Paul and I had met at the Local CIO Council and he was one of the people who had seen my book.  … Continue reading Effect on performance

Socitm spells collaboration

There is certainly no shortage of collaboration across our region at the moment.  The Dynamites awards last week showed how willing people are to work together and this was followed the next morning by our latest regional Socitm meeting.  Graham, Richard and I have had a bit of a campaign to get more numbers to … Continue reading Socitm spells collaboration

Inspiring value trees

Another day, another value tree workshop.  OK, it’s only the second one that I have ever been to yet it seems that I am spending more and more of my time thinking about our Inspire programme and looking at modern ways of working and culture change. I’ve blogged about the value tree approach before and … Continue reading Inspiring value trees

Like a dog with a bone

I wonder sometimes if I am stretching myself a bit too thin.  Can you be too thin?  With so many interesting things to get involved in perhaps I am in danger of being Aesop’s dog, which while carrying a bone, sees its own reflection, tries to grab the reflected bone and loses the real one. … Continue reading Like a dog with a bone