The loneliness of a long distance worker

All of us like a bit of solitude, some time away from everyone else to get your thoughts together. Being alone can also mean that you can get some work done, you know, that long report that you can’t get finished because of so many interruptions. Working from home (WFH) then has been a blessing … Continue reading The loneliness of a long distance worker

Is open plan a bad thing?

According to the Harvard Business Review, it is easier to focus in a coffee shop than in an open-plan office. This is yet another attack on a style of working that has been very much in vogue. Walls have been ripped down and we have all been expected to work with colleagues as far as … Continue reading Is open plan a bad thing?

Recruiting the best talent

This month’s Dynamonet was held at Nigel Wright Recruitment in Grey Street in the centre of Newcastle.  These events are put on every month as a way of getting like minded people to come together to think about issues that affect the technology industry in the region.         They take place around the … Continue reading Recruiting the best talent

Elephants revisited

The only obvious elephant in the room was the one in the Dali picture, the one with the naked woman, tigers and a pomegranate (and an elephant). It is a picture that is filled with religious guilt, or am I just being pretentious? Our elephant is trust and it would seem we are well on … Continue reading Elephants revisited

Social care

These are the times of social care.  It is one of our main topics of conversation.  With an ageing population, a growing dispersal of the family and the continuing downward pressure on finance it is an issue that is going to run and run. The proportion of the elderly is getting greater and greater.  By … Continue reading Social care

Far from Home Counties

I can’t remember the last time I ever was in Gerrards Cross.  To be honest I am not sure I have ever been there but I used to live in Oxford which is not more than a stone’s throw away and so I would be surprised if I hadn’t.  Anyway, it didn’t ring a bell … Continue reading Far from Home Counties

The technology gets in the way

Somehow we always end up talking about technology.  That could because we work with the stuff, yet technology is built by people, to be used by people for the benefit of people.  So all of our conversations should really come back to people.  But somehow we always end up talking about tech. We’re up in … Continue reading The technology gets in the way

Guerrilla Archaeology

Who knew we had archaeologists?  I’d never really thought about it before today until I invaded their space.  I was doing my Guerrilla Working thing and wandering round the fifth floor looking for a place to rest my weary laptop when I came across a door I had never been into.  It was just asking … Continue reading Guerrilla Archaeology

Symbiosis or parasite

We hear a lot about disrupters these days.  Technology so a disruptive industry.  It has allowed new business models to emerge and firms have sprung up overnight that are sweeping away the old guard and rewriting the rules on how firms should operate.  They have disrupted. Organisations such as Google, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb and Hungryhouse … Continue reading Symbiosis or parasite