The man who enjoyed his work

My friend's brother, Chris, was most disappointed that I have changed my job. He has been telling everyone that I was the only person he knew who actually enjoyed his work and now that I had retired, or at least semi-retired, his story was ruined. I told him I was sorry and went on to … Continue reading The man who enjoyed his work

A sock strategy

Don’t you have one? Then read on. At the latest Socitm North East meeting we had some excellent speakers. Robert’s presentation really stood out for me as it was a story told from the heart. The message was clear. The theme of the meeting was regional resilience and Robert gave us his thoughts representing the … Continue reading A sock strategy

Yesterday’s world today

I have always been fascinated by man’s story as an animal.  It is some time now since I read Zoology at Newcastle and I have not really done anything with the knowledge but the interest has remained with me ever since.  I have often pondered on how much of what we do is driven by … Continue reading Yesterday’s world today

Social care

These are the times of social care.  It is one of our main topics of conversation.  With an ageing population, a growing dispersal of the family and the continuing downward pressure on finance it is an issue that is going to run and run. The proportion of the elderly is getting greater and greater.  By … Continue reading Social care

Delivering the goods

Me and trains.  I do like them, I confess.  I outed as a train spotter a long time ago. In truth it is the engines, the locomotives that I like, especially diesel.  Perhaps that is too much information. My fascination spills over into my television viewing habits.  I enjoyed ‘A slow train across Africa’ with … Continue reading Delivering the goods

Learn from play

Children learn from play. Hold the front page. Who could believe it? Whatever will they think of next? I heard it on the news so it must be true, yet anyone who has ever had children knows this to be self-evident.  Children learn the social norms of interaction, collaboration and hierarchy through play.  Anyone who … Continue reading Learn from play

Technically lonely

I've been thinking a lot about loneliness.  It is the scourge of modern living.  The paradox is that in a time of dense population and high net migration there is a growing number of people who suffer from social isolation.  It is a complex problem which cannot be solved with simplistic answers.  Very few can, yet … Continue reading Technically lonely