Half a million lives

You know I am not the greatest fan of using targets to improve the performance of the NHS. In my opinion they have never worked as they are too arbitrary and indeed have distorted service delivery and politicised the service. Both of these have distracted it from providing the services it is designed for and … Continue reading Half a million lives

Unfolding plans 149 – Customer complaints

Day two of National Customer Service week and the festivities are well underway.  Today’s themes are Customer Complaints and MOT.  I think the MOT idea was one of our own where a small team of people descend upon a part of the wider organisation to help solve issues and identify learning opportunities.  I know it’s … Continue reading Unfolding plans 149 – Customer complaints

Unfolding plans 123 – Solutionsim

The hand dryer said fifteen.  The numerals flashed in blue and counted down to zero while the hot blasts of air desiccated my hands.  I moved them up and down as instructed to make the drying process more effective.  There was a handy pictorial guide.  Why was there a counter?  Can I not work it … Continue reading Unfolding plans 123 – Solutionsim