Half a million lives

You know I am not the greatest fan of using targets to improve the performance of the NHS. In my opinion they have never worked as they are too arbitrary and indeed have distorted service delivery and politicised the service. Both of these have distracted it from providing the services it is designed for and … Continue reading Half a million lives

Oh no! NHS targets again.

I think it was as far back as 2013 that I last wrote about targets in the NHS. Not that they have ever been very far away but once again they are all over the news. Apparently, nearly one in five NHS hospital services has failed to hit any key national waiting-time targets in the … Continue reading Oh no! NHS targets again.

Say R

My head is still hurting. I have spent all morning in an introductory session to R, the open source statistical  computing and graphics package. Now, I am no programmer and much of what was shown to us went over my head but I am blown away by the power of the tool set. It gives … Continue reading Say R

We’ve been hanging on for 7600 years

MP Fiona Mactaggart announced this amazing statistic at a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee the other day.  ‘Stressed Britons spent a total of 76 centuries on hold to Government phone lines last year.’  It later turned out that she was out by a factor of ten and that she meant to say 7.6 centuries … Continue reading We’ve been hanging on for 7600 years

Less homes where no-one works

According to figures released by the Office for National Statistics, the number of jobless homes (where no-one is in work) has dropped by 182,000 since records began in 1996. This is the lowest percentage recorded. Employment Minister Mark Hoban said: ‘it’s good news that the number of workless households has fallen by more than 425,000 … Continue reading Less homes where no-one works