The second of my workshops

My first ever two online workshops turned out to be on the same day. The first was number one in a series of three workshops for the North East Initiative on Business Ethics around designing a series of tools for companies to help ‘prove’ their ethical position. I have blogged about this one already. The … Continue reading The second of my workshops

This application is rubbish

If there is one thing I have found out about software it is that all applications are rubbish when you know nothing about them.  Companies buy software tools in the hope that they will sort out their business processes yet don’t put the effort in to really understand how they work. Huge swathes of useful … Continue reading This application is rubbish

Rural Cultural Business Innovation Programme day 1

The Olympic room in The White Swan in Alnwick was a magnificent location to get our Rural Cultural Business Innovation Programme underway. Justin and I have seem to have been planning this for ages and now the day had finally arrived. We had been working with the Creative Fuse Partnership and other creative, digital and … Continue reading Rural Cultural Business Innovation Programme day 1

Apprentice video

I have never liked video.  Appearing in one that is, rather than watching one.  It is not my medium and so when I am asked to get involved I don't approach it with my usual enthusiasm.  For once the gloss wears off on my type seven personality.  I have only had one successful engagement with … Continue reading Apprentice video

Skills mapping

The two things that we have got involved in as part of the North East Combined Authority Digital Leads Group are connectivity and digital skills.  The former has developed into a full blown pitch for a substantial amount of money to create a massive 5G test bed across the region.  Keep your fingers crossed. The … Continue reading Skills mapping

Recognise and celebrate

  So I’ve made it to the end of this year’s Customer Service Week.  Time flies when you are enjoying yourself.  Those of you who have been following my blog will know that getting young people into the tech industry is one of the things that I am passionate about and that I have been … Continue reading Recognise and celebrate

Unfolding plans 178 – Out of the toolbox

The topic for this round of presentations has been ‘Out of the Toolbox’.  The title is an obvious reference to thinking outside the box but also attempts to draw us back to the work that we do. It was Saul Kaplan who said that we need to take our ideas off the white board and … Continue reading Unfolding plans 178 – Out of the toolbox

Unfolding plans 176 – Poor old email

There are eighteen ways to be more positive at work, at least that what the infographic says from CMD, a British manufacturer of office ergonomics products.  A colleague of mine sent me it by twitter.   Now I’m used to there being seven ways to something or ten rules to get what you want but eighteen … Continue reading Unfolding plans 176 – Poor old email