What I do is easy

I was up to my old tricks again and Guerrilla Working at Accenture’s offices in Cobalt. I had been there for a meeting and had some time before my next appointment and so blagged a desk. As it was the start of the year, the place was very quiet and I had the choice of … Continue reading What I do is easy

University Technical College

When I was asked if I would give a careers talk at the recently opened North East Futures UTC, I said yes. I’m always happy to help in whatever way I can to bring young people into the North East’s technology sector and also like to get involved in new things that challenge me. The … Continue reading University Technical College

Near future jobs. #DSS17

I am still thinking about digital skills after the DSS17 conference at Sunderland Software City.  It is such a complex problem to deal with.  There are so many players involved, right from parents and family, through the education system to employers.  Even peer pressure has a part to play. One interesting aspect about working in … Continue reading Near future jobs. #DSS17

Digital Skills Summit #DSS17

I haven’t used the expression the digital divide in a long time.  It seems a little quaint and old fashioned now though it still exists. There are  still the have nots in the digital world.  Let’s face it, the whole world is going digital and having access to the technologies is essential for modern living. … Continue reading Digital Skills Summit #DSS17

Dealing with contradiction in leadership

People are contradictory.  They say one thing and do another, they think they mean one thing when they really mean something else, they think they are being helpful as they cut you to the quick and their lips move while their bodies talk a different language. There is no use fighting it, that is the … Continue reading Dealing with contradiction in leadership

New year new people

It was my first day back (I am writing this a day later) and already I have met two people that I have never met before.  At our Elephant Eating party we made a commitment to say hello to someone new every day and so I’m up by one.  I have started in a way … Continue reading New year new people

Talent management

We’re tucking into our elephant.  Every so often we cut off another slice and chew away at those seemingly intractable problems that get in our way.  Yummy!  We’ve had a first look at some of our performance management systems and this morning a small group of us got together to think about talent management. Now … Continue reading Talent management

Getting to be number one

I haven’t written about Andy Murray for a while.  There are many things I haven’t written about but I do have form on this one.  I first mentioned him back in October 2014 and he has made an infrequent yet regular appearance ever since. Now I know he is a bit Marmite.  Some people for … Continue reading Getting to be number one

Building skills

I must admit that I find children and young people the worst audience to present to.  They scare me stiff and as Graham and I walked into the main hall at Farringdon Community Academy I began to wonder what we had let ourselves in for.  There were at least one hindered and fifty of them, … Continue reading Building skills