Getting to be number one

I haven’t written about Andy Murray for a while.  There are many things I haven’t written about but I do have form on this one.  I first mentioned him back in October 2014 and he has made an infrequent yet regular appearance ever since. Now I know he is a bit Marmite.  Some people for … Continue reading Getting to be number one

Building skills

I must admit that I find children and young people the worst audience to present to.  They scare me stiff and as Graham and I walked into the main hall at Farringdon Community Academy I began to wonder what we had let ourselves in for.  There were at least one hindered and fifty of them, … Continue reading Building skills

Skills mapping

The two things that we have got involved in as part of the North East Combined Authority Digital Leads Group are connectivity and digital skills.  The former has developed into a full blown pitch for a substantial amount of money to create a massive 5G test bed across the region.  Keep your fingers crossed. The … Continue reading Skills mapping