The best of talent

‘We need to be competitive, we need to attract the best’ is the clarion call of many of the leading tech organisations. In order to stay at the top of their game they need to pick the cream of the crop, the students with first class honours from the leading universities. I understand this yet … Continue reading The best of talent

Talent management

We’re tucking into our elephant.  Every so often we cut off another slice and chew away at those seemingly intractable problems that get in our way.  Yummy!  We’ve had a first look at some of our performance management systems and this morning a small group of us got together to think about talent management. Now … Continue reading Talent management

Getting to be number one

I haven’t written about Andy Murray for a while.  There are many things I haven’t written about but I do have form on this one.  I first mentioned him back in October 2014 and he has made an infrequent yet regular appearance ever since. Now I know he is a bit Marmite.  Some people for … Continue reading Getting to be number one

Reflections on Ada Lovelace day

Ideas for my blog are like busses.  You wait for ages and then they all come along at once.  So it was yesterday when I wrote about the event in the Toffee House when I could and perhaps should have written about Ada Lovelace Day instead. Getting more young people into the tech industry and … Continue reading Reflections on Ada Lovelace day

The fickle glitter ball

So, Abbey Clancy has been crowned Strictly Come Dancing champion for 2013.  Congratulations.  I must admit that my favourite was Natalie Gumede but I cannot complain, after all it has been a fantastic series.  Both Clancy and Gumede have been near the top of the leader board throughout the last three months and both have … Continue reading The fickle glitter ball