Rewriting spin

I don’t normally bother with programmes which bring politicians together to argue with each other. It may be entertainment seeing two people who must have opposing views try and avoid answering the questions asked of them but it panders to the polarised nature of politics that this country has fallen in to. Occasionally though I … Continue reading Rewriting spin

The limits of democracy

The sight of the two Vietnamese leaders, Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in shaking hands and stepping on each other’s soil was indeed a momentous occasion. Whether this was brought about by military muscle, diplomatic pressure, economic reality or even the weight of social media may never be known but those involved should be congratulated … Continue reading The limits of democracy

Democratic free press

In a recent blog I put forward the idea that, in this country, we pride ourselves that we have a free press and that it fulfills the important role of holding governments and other institutions to account. We convince ourselves that our free press is the cornerstone of our political system. In the mother of … Continue reading Democratic free press

Unfolding plans 175 – Lest we forget

There is some irony that on the day we remember the glorious dead of conflicts around the world that there is a conference in Malta to try and stem the flow of migrants into Europe.  On the day that we are to remember those who have fallen defending our way of life, who have been … Continue reading Unfolding plans 175 – Lest we forget

Unfolding plans 154 – Making some noise

I must admit to listening to Classic FM on the way into work and back home again.  I used to listen to the news on Radio 4 and found that I would get wound up by whatever the main story was that day.  The format of generating an argument between two opposing camps wore me … Continue reading Unfolding plans 154 – Making some noise

Unfolding plans 104 – This SOCITM meeting is going to take some beating

That was some coup by Graham.  Getting such illustrious speakers to the latest SOCITM North East meeting made it one of the best ones that I have ever been to.  I am biased though, obviously.  Since taking over as chair we’ve tried to create a theme for each meeting.  The latest was around getting all … Continue reading Unfolding plans 104 – This SOCITM meeting is going to take some beating

Unfolding plans 70 – I was barred

An interesting thing happened to me the other day. I’d like to tell you about it but I was banned or at least barred.  I was in a meeting with Broadband Delivery UK in the HM Treasury building on Horse Guards Road and it was a few days before the election and the cloak of … Continue reading Unfolding plans 70 – I was barred