Seductive leadership

Strong leadership is seductive. The idea that someone can take charge and be decisive, especially in a crisis are the qualities that shine in what we see as strong leaders. Ruthlessness is a quality that gets people to the top. We see example of this at the moment in the superpowers that dominate the news. … Continue reading Seductive leadership

What is government?

You would think that this is an easy question yet I have asked it many times to some of the brightest brains in the region (well, university students) and it has left them dumbfounded. It seems that government, like digital, is one of those words that we use over and over again yet don’t really … Continue reading What is government?

Forget about me

The right to be forgotten, as part of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), is exercising my mind.  It's not really called that, it is actually called ‘The right to erasure’.  The broad principle underpinning this right is to enable an individual to request the deletion or removal of personal data whether there is no … Continue reading Forget about me

Random benchmarking

Is comparison with another organisation ever worthwhile?  I am not so sure.  Every now and then the question of benchmarking raises its ugly head.  Ugly to me that is.  Tom and I have ended up having a conversation over its merits. Benchmarking in itself is not bad.  It is what is done in the name … Continue reading Random benchmarking

Delegated Democracy

Here’s a thought, a different type of democracy, one where everyone gets to cast a vote. It is a universal suffrage, once you have reached the required age. Everyone can register and everyone gets the chance to put an X on the ballot paper only there is a difference. You can only cast someone else’s … Continue reading Delegated Democracy