Talent management

We’re tucking into our elephant.  Every so often we cut off another slice and chew away at those seemingly intractable problems that get in our way.  Yummy!  We’ve had a first look at some of our performance management systems and this morning a small group of us got together to think about talent management.

Now I have always had a thing about how organisations don’t make use of the talent that they have within them.  We seem to think that the answers to our problems lie outside of our walls yet the most useful tool that we have is that fourteen hundred grams of grey matter between our ears.

That is where our real talent lies and our biggest effort, in my opinion, should be in trying to uncover what we already have.  Much lies dormant, either through neglect, ignorance or simply not being asked.  It reminds me of the work we tried to do in identifying the skill sets within ICT Services.  I need to resurrect that idea.

We thought about what we were trying to do and came up with the pithy mantra of: spot it; develop it; use it.

Technology is going to help.  Of course it is.  We need systems that allow us to share our talents in ways that can be easily searched for and I don’t just mean qualifications.  We need to know what people have experienced, what they have skills in and what they are interested in getting involved in.  From that we could draw on a huge well of expertise.

We need to look at our learning management systems, while making our intranet more proactive with possible pop ups and push notifications.  I’m going to look at these.  In the meantime, Dan and Theresa are going to look at what talent management initiatives we have going on across the piece (such as our 5% development time) as well as interesting ideas outside of the council.  Graham is going to look at getting more out of the current European funding as well as more leadership and mentoring support.

That was enough for today.  I like elephants but I couldn’t eat a whole one.

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