Where’s your commitment?

I’ve been using Duolingo to try and learn Dutch. It’s a useful tool and allows me to practice every day. It speaks the sentences to be translated and allows me to hear the language in action. In the main I really like the application though sometimes it has the annoying habit of correcting my English … Continue reading Where’s your commitment?

Unfolding plans 153 – men or women

The presentations at the Women in IT event that SOCITM launched were great.  There were lots of similar stories that reminded the audience, if it needed to be reminded, that the job of getting true diversity in the IT industry is far from over.  I covered most of what went on in a previous blog … Continue reading Unfolding plans 153 – men or women

Unfolding plans 109 – engaged

I have to thank my friends at OnBrand Partners, Peter and Kate, for this one.  Apparently on average, for forty seven per cent of our waking hours our minds are not where our bodies are.  You would have to ask Harvard University for more information about this nugget.  Professor Julian Birkinshaw from London Business School … Continue reading Unfolding plans 109 – engaged

Unfolding plans 103 – Gillian Lynne

I’ve been using this story recently, especially in relation to the skills audit.  We haven’t had too much success with getting this off the ground for one reason or another but I am reminded about the story of Gillian Lynne.  I don’t remember when I came across it but it popped up again in ‘Talk … Continue reading Unfolding plans 103 – Gillian Lynne


Day nine of the ‘Blogging from A-Z Challenge’.   I’m now at number 990 and thinking about instinct.  How much of what we do is instinctive?  How much of what we think we think about before doing is a patterned behaviour which has been laid down across the millennia of human history?  How many of the … Continue reading Instinct

The fickle glitter ball

So, Abbey Clancy has been crowned Strictly Come Dancing champion for 2013.  Congratulations.  I must admit that my favourite was Natalie Gumede but I cannot complain, after all it has been a fantastic series.  Both Clancy and Gumede have been near the top of the leader board throughout the last three months and both have … Continue reading The fickle glitter ball