The secret future of writing

I don’t know if you caught the BBC 4 series ‘The Secret History of Writing’ but if you didn’t it is worth catching up online. It is another example of the excellent output of the channel and highlights the shame that it is now under threat. The third programme in the series featured Chinese artist … Continue reading The secret future of writing

Where’s your commitment?

I’ve been using Duolingo to try and learn Dutch. It’s a useful tool and allows me to practice every day. It speaks the sentences to be translated and allows me to hear the language in action. In the main I really like the application though sometimes it has the annoying habit of correcting my English … Continue reading Where’s your commitment?

The Limitations of Language

As humans we live in a relatively narrow band.  Our dimensions are at a human scale.  In relative and universal terms, we don’t travel that far, certainly not up or down, we don’t live very long and we mingle with a small group of associates.  Our languages have been developed to describe our world in … Continue reading The Limitations of Language

The entire world is foreign

Neil and I stayed overnight in London.  It is something that I am not that keen on doing, being away from home overnight that is, but I was persuaded otherwise.  The prospect of going up and down in one day is getting too much for me. We came down to visit some companies who had … Continue reading The entire world is foreign

Unfolding plans 157 – Profanity

Is profanity ever acceptable?  The first sentence in ‘The Martin’ contained the F word.  The opening sequence to ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ was filled with it.  Celebratory chefs are noted for its liberal use.  They pepper their phrases with it. I’ve been trying not to use it so much if at all, especially the … Continue reading Unfolding plans 157 – Profanity

Unfolding plans 146 – Simplicity

Life is complicated.  The more I think about it the more complicated it becomes.  It seems as if complexity is an inherent part of the way the world works.  It’s that second law of thermodynamics again. It states that (forgive me for I paraphrase) ‘In any closed system the amount of usable energy is always … Continue reading Unfolding plans 146 – Simplicity

Unfolding plans 144 – Scrum

Somebody has sent me a copy of ‘Scrum, The art of doing twice the work in half the time’ by Jeff Sutherland.  I don’t know who it was.  I had my suspects but one by one they are being crossed off my list.  It just turned up at work in a manila envelope (C5 in … Continue reading Unfolding plans 144 – Scrum

Unfolding plans 141 – Teaching people how to learn

At work I would like to teach people only one thing.  I would like them to learn how to learn.  Once you have learned how to learn you never need to be taught anything again. Give a man a fish or teach him how to fish.  I’m sure the same thing applies to women. I … Continue reading Unfolding plans 141 – Teaching people how to learn

Unfolding plans 134 – Sonic coats

Lee told some great stories today.  It was at our latest round of presentations.  It was his turn to get involved.  I try to spread the love around.  The theme for this time was trust and no doubt I’ll come back to this in a later blog.  Lee went on to talk about how we … Continue reading Unfolding plans 134 – Sonic coats