I have always wondered why emotions have developed in humans. What was the evolutionary advantage offered that has allowed them to appear and develop over the millennia? These are the kinds of questions that have occupied my mind even before I ended up studying Zoology at university. Now I think I have at least an … Continue reading Emotions

Lessons from La Vuelta

La Vuelta a España for me is the second most important of the three grand cycling tours of the year. I have been watching the Tour de France for many years and it has defined the start of the summer proper, while the Vuelta has come to mark the end of the season. I have … Continue reading Lessons from La Vuelta

Unfolding plans 175 – Lest we forget

There is some irony that on the day we remember the glorious dead of conflicts around the world that there is a conference in Malta to try and stem the flow of migrants into Europe.  On the day that we are to remember those who have fallen defending our way of life, who have been … Continue reading Unfolding plans 175 – Lest we forget

Unfolding plans 173 – The wedding planner

If I understand Shakespeare correctly I am somewhere within the fifth and age of man.  I realise that I am in fair round belly with eyes severe and beard of formal cut, full of wise saws and modern instances.  I’ve only got two ages left and so I’d best get on with what I have … Continue reading Unfolding plans 173 – The wedding planner

Unfolding plans 157 – Profanity

Is profanity ever acceptable?  The first sentence in ‘The Martin’ contained the F word.  The opening sequence to ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ was filled with it.  Celebratory chefs are noted for its liberal use.  They pepper their phrases with it. I’ve been trying not to use it so much if at all, especially the … Continue reading Unfolding plans 157 – Profanity

Unfolding plans 113 – happy workation

Wow, that was some workation.  For the month of July I’ve been trying something different.  While I was out and about I stopped and bought a postcard that showed the beautiful or unusual places that I happened to have visited.  Every work day I sent one to my youngest daughter as she was in the … Continue reading Unfolding plans 113 – happy workation

Unfolding plans 111 – work as a performance

I’ve been thinking a lot about work as a performance.  It’s something that Mike and I have been talking about.  The word covers such a wide range of meanings from entertainment, to carrying out an action and to how well something works.  In this case I am talking about something presented before an audience, potentially, … Continue reading Unfolding plans 111 – work as a performance

Unfolding plans 109 – engaged

I have to thank my friends at OnBrand Partners, Peter and Kate, for this one.  Apparently on average, for forty seven per cent of our waking hours our minds are not where our bodies are.  You would have to ask Harvard University for more information about this nugget.  Professor Julian Birkinshaw from London Business School … Continue reading Unfolding plans 109 – engaged

Unfolding plans 108 – those little idiosyncrasies

Yes, I know it was hot the other day when I was down in London to present at a conference on ‘Transforming The Way We Work: A Vision for Mobile Public Sector.’  It felt like how it does when you step out of the plane after you have landed in the Costas.  The people of … Continue reading Unfolding plans 108 – those little idiosyncrasies

Unfolding plans 107 – Which came first?

Now we all know that the egg came before the chicken.  The first chicken came from an egg that was laid by a chicken like creature.  That is how evolution works, with small changes in genetic material leading to enhancements brought about by natural selection through the reproductive process.  We can put that one to … Continue reading Unfolding plans 107 – Which came first?