The Road to Wooden Gate Junction

If I ever get around to writing my auto-biography, not that anyone would be interested in my life, ‘The Road to Wooden Gate Junction’ would be a great title. It sounds exotic, it tells of a journey to unknown places and it leaves the reader enthralled at the prospect of going there with me. Until … Continue reading The Road to Wooden Gate Junction

What do we do?

Not many people know what we do as the local authority.  I had known this already through conversations I have but it became very obvious during my guest lecture at Newcastle University.  The students found it very difficult to describe the services that they used in the city. I find this quite surprising as in … Continue reading What do we do?

Unfolding plans 163 – Durham City connectivity

Superfast broadband connectivity across Durham and the region has been a big issue for us.  The Digital Durham programme has been running for a few years now.  Indeed our first ever cabinet to go live was number 56 just around the corner from Next in the centre of the city.   That was a good day … Continue reading Unfolding plans 163 – Durham City connectivity

Unfolding plans 113 – happy workation

Wow, that was some workation.  For the month of July I’ve been trying something different.  While I was out and about I stopped and bought a postcard that showed the beautiful or unusual places that I happened to have visited.  Every work day I sent one to my youngest daughter as she was in the … Continue reading Unfolding plans 113 – happy workation

Unfolding plans 101 – Take your opportunities when you can

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that the best place to buy a postcard is not the Post Office.  You may find that odd.  I know that I did.  Where else would you go for all things postal?  Well you would be wrong.  The vast majority of post offices don’t sell postcards unless you want … Continue reading Unfolding plans 101 – Take your opportunities when you can

The day I didn’t buy online

Len Goodman, head judge on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing says that he’s a wind-up watch in a digital world.  I’m not.  He has a few years on me but I am a silvering surfer, happy to be fully in tune with the shift towards the modern online way of doing things.  I use social … Continue reading The day I didn’t buy online

Use your anti-vote wisely

There is an election coming up next month in the ward in which I live.  I know the date as I’ve received my voting card through the post.  I don’t know who the candidates are yet but I’ll find that out by using the wonders of the internet. It’s a local council election and I … Continue reading Use your anti-vote wisely