Goodbye COVID hair

In my list of twenty things I yearned for during the pandemic, published at the end of April, a haircut didn’t make the cut (no pun intended). At that point we had only been in lockdown for five or six weeks and my locks were still manageable. Not now, one hundred days on my hair … Continue reading Goodbye COVID hair

Stock up, panic buy

Covid-19 is coming. Everyday it gets closer, the number of people affected is increasing and people are dying. It may not be as big a threat as other illnesses or other social ails yet it has captured the world’s attention. The UK government is doing its best to keep abreast of issues but it is … Continue reading Stock up, panic buy

The day I didn’t buy online

Len Goodman, head judge on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing says that he’s a wind-up watch in a digital world.  I’m not.  He has a few years on me but I am a silvering surfer, happy to be fully in tune with the shift towards the modern online way of doing things.  I use social … Continue reading The day I didn’t buy online