New broadband

I’ve been putting off changing broadband suppliers for years. It just never seemed convenient and I was always worried that I would end up with a worse, or even no service at all. I’ve stuck with Talk Talk for some time but have felt over the last few months that it was time for a … Continue reading New broadband

I wouldn’t start from here

There’s that old joke that goes along the lines of someone is lost and stops another for directions. ‘Can you tell me the way to so and so?’ they ask, only to get the reply ‘Well, I wouldn’t start from here.’ There is a point to this joke and that is, if I have to … Continue reading I wouldn’t start from here

Talking about satellites

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch but this was dinner.  Does that count?  I was at the boutique Hotel du Vin in Newcastle for a problem framing dinner as a guest of the North East Satellite Applications centre, or the catapult as it is otherwise known. A group of us … Continue reading Talking about satellites

Unfolding plans 198 – Connectivity

If there is one thing that will set the North East apart from its competitor regions it will be connectivity.  Of course I mean network connectivity rather than motorways, rail and air.  These others are very important yet may take a little longer to get where we would like to be.  We don’t have a … Continue reading Unfolding plans 198 – Connectivity

Unfolding plans 177 – North East ICT

At this week's North East ICT managers meeting we spent a lot of time talking about devolution.  It is a topic that is exercising the minds of many of us in local government at the moment.  It is the hot button issue. It was a good meeting.  All of the seven councils in the soon-to-arrive … Continue reading Unfolding plans 177 – North East ICT

Unfolding plans 166 – War and Peace

I’m not sure if I remember this correctly as it is a long time since I’ve read War and Peace.  I’ve always loved the way that the Russian classics were written and whilst it is a long book, (my version was in three separate books) it is well worth a read.  I think I have … Continue reading Unfolding plans 166 – War and Peace

Unfolding plans 163 – Durham City connectivity

Superfast broadband connectivity across Durham and the region has been a big issue for us.  The Digital Durham programme has been running for a few years now.  Indeed our first ever cabinet to go live was number 56 just around the corner from Next in the centre of the city.   That was a good day … Continue reading Unfolding plans 163 – Durham City connectivity

Unfolding plans 133 – summit else

The motorcycle outriders held the traffic up at Thinford roundabout.  Their blue lights cut through the dank morning air. Helicopters hovered above as the threat level was set at high.  The limousines with their blacked out windows sped through the empty roads before screeching to a halt outside the Educational Development Centre.  The delegates hurried … Continue reading Unfolding plans 133 – summit else

Unfolding plans 125 – Frosterley was slow

Sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t.  The trouble is you do not know whether they are going to or not.  I was back out on the superfast broadband trail. We’ve been holding some launch events to improve take up, or at least to raise awareness.  The projections are looking great and we are well … Continue reading Unfolding plans 125 – Frosterley was slow

Unfolding plans 99 – I was even trending

This is part two of the presentation I made at the conference on ‘Transforming The Way We Work: A Vision for Mobile Public Sector.’  It is an abridged version.  OK, it is cheating a bit but I’m not the only blogger to have ever recycled his or her own material.  After all I did spend … Continue reading Unfolding plans 99 – I was even trending