Dynamo on the Wear

This was my sixth Dynamo North East conference. There have only been six and so I have a 100% attendance record. All of them have been good, most of them have been great but this one was exceptional. Why? I have been asking myself that very question. Firstly, the venue was great. Sunderland University’s campus … Continue reading Dynamo on the Wear

Dynamo17 #2

I said I would get a few blogs out of the Dynamo17 conference. It was a great event. Outside of the plenaries and main speakers I attended three of the breakout sessions. There were fifteen in total and I could have attended most of them as they all sounded interesting. It would be good to … Continue reading Dynamo17 #2

Unfolding plans 186 – Dynamo think tank

Yesterday we had our first Dynamo North East think tank.  It was held at Sage head office.  They are the only technology led FTSE100 company and it is based right here in the heart of the region. More than twenty of us attended.  Everyone was a member of the organisation and we had come together … Continue reading Unfolding plans 186 – Dynamo think tank

Unfolding plans 162 – #Dynamites15

Last night’s Dynamites15 was excellent.  The banqueting hall in Newcastle Civic Centre was packed to the gunnels with a whole host of people interested in the tech industry across the North East.  Every seat was sold which made it a bigger and better event than the first one we had last year.  A huge amount … Continue reading Unfolding plans 162 – #Dynamites15

Unfolding plans 132 – more jobs or fewer jobs

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.  That’s what I have often been told.  We’ve been telling a story about the North East and the technical industry. It is about the number of jobs that the sector carries.  We’ve been saying that there are thirty thousand jobs and two thousand … Continue reading Unfolding plans 132 – more jobs or fewer jobs

Unfolding plans 104 – This SOCITM meeting is going to take some beating

That was some coup by Graham.  Getting such illustrious speakers to the latest SOCITM North East meeting made it one of the best ones that I have ever been to.  I am biased though, obviously.  Since taking over as chair we’ve tried to create a theme for each meeting.  The latest was around getting all … Continue reading Unfolding plans 104 – This SOCITM meeting is going to take some beating