Implementing technology is easy

The solution to problems may be quite simple. Seeing the results however, may take a lot more effort. In 1847, Ignaz Semmelweiss discovered that if doctors washed their hands before attending women in childbirth it dramatically reduced deaths from puerperal fever. But before his work could have much benefit  he had to persuade people - … Continue reading Implementing technology is easy

Consumption gap

It can be funny how two different conversations can overlap. I had met with Esther at a local coffee shop over lunch. We had briefly met at a couple of events that we had both been to and I was keen to learn about her business which works in statistical analysis of data. AS always … Continue reading Consumption gap

Memory foam

What is all the fuss with memory foam? How hard is it to remember that you are an oblong? These days you can’t watch television for very long before seeing an advert for a memory foam mattress. I don’t get them to be honest. I have slept on a few and found them not to … Continue reading Memory foam

Age versus youth

Annand house is a warren of corridors and small meeting rooms.  My pass let me in but it took some time for me to find Debbie.  I even ended up on the wrong floor. Our paths have crossed a number of times over the last few weeks.  Ever since the elephant eating party we seem … Continue reading Age versus youth

The function or the service?

I like to visualise. I like things stuck on walls that show what it is we are trying to do. White boards, interactive or not, with pictures, do more for me than a whole bunch of reports. It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words.  I admire those people who can get … Continue reading The function or the service?