What can machines do better?

You would think it is an easy question. What can machines do better than people can? Most people could answer it though they had to draw breath first and repeat the question while they thought about it. I was at the excellent Northumbrian Water Group Innovation Festival at Gosforth Park Racecourse. I was only able … Continue reading What can machines do better?

Customizing reality

Dan Biddle, at Thinking Digital 2017, talked about customizing reality.  He is a media strategist and so should know about these things.   He told us how the latest wave in social media is to augment something that has happened, taking a picture and meddling about with it or taking a video and adding a … Continue reading Customizing reality

The machine that defines our age

We preside over a great machine.  It is huge.  A leviathan.  It is the machine that is defining our age.  Our machine doesn't have whirring cogs or spinning wheels, nor does it belch smoke or hiss with steam. Indeed most of its moving parts are people. Thousands of people, millions of people, use it every … Continue reading The machine that defines our age

Technical offshoring

Is offshoring dead?  Has our belief in the ability to drive down costs by exporting work to cheaper economies started to wain?  I am certainly aware of companies who have gone through the process of offshoring only to bring the work back again. (I’m not talking about Geordie Shore here.  That is something completely different … Continue reading Technical offshoring

Is this the price we pay?

The last few days have been bad for decent people and good for cyber criminals.  The world has witnessed one of the biggest cyber attacks with the release of Wanna Decryptor or WannaCry and its subsequent variants.  The cyber-attack has hit more than 200,000 victims in 150 countries and the Europol chief, Rob Wainwright warned … Continue reading Is this the price we pay?

A nod to the clouds

I suppose it's been quite a day.  There was no fanfare nor a round of applause but sometimes the big things happen without any razzmatazz.   They just happen. I'll start by saying that this was the best ever strategic ICT Group I have been a part of.  Not that the bar for that is very high.  … Continue reading A nod to the clouds

Hacking for our people

I like working with Waterstons.  I would have said I love working with them but my father in law used to say you can only love people not things.  May he rest in peace.  He is still remembered.  I could say I love working with the people of Waterstons.  Vic would be happy with that. … Continue reading Hacking for our people