Rural Cultural Business Innovation Programme day 1

The Olympic room in The White Swan in Alnwick was a magnificent location to get our Rural Cultural Business Innovation Programme underway. Justin and I have seem to have been planning this for ages and now the day had finally arrived. We had been working with the Creative Fuse Partnership and other creative, digital and … Continue reading Rural Cultural Business Innovation Programme day 1

There’s nothing more beautiful than having a book

I came across this story a few days ago.  It is not new but it is inspiring. It is about a refuse collector from Bogota in Columbia who has been saving books that have been discarded and offering them to people in the less affluent areas of the city.  It is a modern Robin Hood … Continue reading There’s nothing more beautiful than having a book

Happy birthday Art

It’s Art’s birthday.  I had forgotten all about it until Facebook reminded me.  Art is not a real person, he is a figment of my imagination and his story goes back to July 2009.  I was working at North Tyneside Council at the time and we had just moved into the nice new Quadrant building … Continue reading Happy birthday Art


It is funny where life takes you if you let it.  It is filled with little nooks and crannies down which you can wander.  Inquisitiveness can be a blessing and a curse however.  There is always something interesting to discover but there is never enough time to chase it all. My latest rich seam to … Continue reading TechArt

Learn from play

Children learn from play. Hold the front page. Who could believe it? Whatever will they think of next? I heard it on the news so it must be true, yet anyone who has ever had children knows this to be self-evident.  Children learn the social norms of interaction, collaboration and hierarchy through play.  Anyone who … Continue reading Learn from play