Three types of fun

There are three types of fun. I heard this on Countryfile (don’t judge me) but I did not catch the presenter’s name. Type 1 fun is something that is fun all the time, from start to finish, fun now and fun later. Type 2 fun however is something that doesn’t seem like fun at all … Continue reading Three types of fun

What can machines do better?

You would think it is an easy question. What can machines do better than people can? Most people could answer it though they had to draw breath first and repeat the question while they thought about it. I was at the excellent Northumbrian Water Group Innovation Festival at Gosforth Park Racecourse. I was only able … Continue reading What can machines do better?

Happy birthday Art

It’s Art’s birthday.  I had forgotten all about it until Facebook reminded me.  Art is not a real person, he is a figment of my imagination and his story goes back to July 2009.  I was working at North Tyneside Council at the time and we had just moved into the nice new Quadrant building … Continue reading Happy birthday Art

Customizing reality

Dan Biddle, at Thinking Digital 2017, talked about customizing reality.  He is a media strategist and so should know about these things.   He told us how the latest wave in social media is to augment something that has happened, taking a picture and meddling about with it or taking a video and adding a … Continue reading Customizing reality

Don’t bark at passing cars

Don't bark at passing cars.  Mark Mullen said this is in his opening speech at Thinking Digital this year.  It made me think of Snoopy though I’m not sure he was a barker.  The dog next door barks at anything, it is a Chihuahua and so perhaps its image should have popped into my head … Continue reading Don’t bark at passing cars

The public cause

The public cause takes priority over individual needs according to Lieutenant D’Agosto of the New York Police Homicide Division.  Okay, so he is a made up character from the Prendergast series by Preston and Child but is he really speaking the truth? Life is complicated, at one end lies totalitarianism and at the other liberalism. … Continue reading The public cause

Delivering the goods

Me and trains.  I do like them, I confess.  I outed as a train spotter a long time ago. In truth it is the engines, the locomotives that I like, especially diesel.  Perhaps that is too much information. My fascination spills over into my television viewing habits.  I enjoyed ‘A slow train across Africa’ with … Continue reading Delivering the goods