Harmonic politics


There is not much uplifting entertainment in politics, a lot of interest, cut and thrust and intrigue perhaps, but not much entertainment. It has taken a special kind of perseverance to have sat through the comings and goings of the last few months. Every so often however, there is a bright spot in the otherwise sombre goings on, a star in the black firmament of our legislatures.

So it was on April 18  when Slovenian Member of the European Parliament Alojz Peterle gave a speech to mark the end of the plenary session. Peterle is a member of New Slovenia, part of the European People’s Party. He served as Prime Minister of Slovenia from 1990 to 1992.

At the end of his speech he wished everyone in the chamber a happy Easter, thanked them for their company over the five years and then pulled a mouth organ out of his pocket and gave a rendition of Ode to Joy.

He was rewarded with rapturous applause and a standing ovation.

As for me, I felt inspired enough to rush upstairs, gather my own mouth organ from the draw by my bedside and belt out my version of the tune myself. I felt truly inspired.

Hopefully you are as well by my poorer rendition.

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