Image thanks to http://www.130story.com

I know James, I got involved with his Tech Diary and bump into him from time to time at Campus North and the various events that go on around the region. I also picked up on his great idea, #130story, created back in the day when Twitter only had 140 characters. The idea is to create a story, including the hashtag, which has a maximum of 130 characters. It is like Haiku for the Twitter age.

As always I should have read the rules as the stories I have been writing have had exactly 130 characters.

Here are some examples:

@PaigntonPoet: Winter can splinter And temperatures can rise Then midges emerge, Much to my surprise.

@jauntyfish: In the festival of winter You can become a little Or a lot skinter So be careful of your spend Or the Debtor’s Prison You will end.

@mrstevenproctor: Gary was a real go-getter With a 5-year plan That stated his overall goal Time passed The plan changed Life Took its toll.

Amd here are some of mine:

Thermometer below 2. Dog needed a walk. My new gloves you could use with your phone aren’t there. I must have left them somewhere.

Struggling to condense words or phrases into something meaningful or pithy. Squeezing every gram of meaning. Now I write whatever.

The markets are seeing a flurry of panic. They say the coins have no value yet all value is only perception. Prices go up or down.

The towels lay on the bed waiting for the guests. I put the face cloths on top at an angle. She moved them. Subversion by flannel.

The store cupboard smells like a ride though Yorvik, an unpleasant damp yet pleasant odor. We must be having cheese for Christmas.

What dreadful weather we are having, says the news. They show pictures of wet roads and dusted hedges. One can’t get to the sales.

Thanks James, it is a great idea. Why don’t you give it a go.

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