I am an artist

Paradigms Lost 300 cover

What is art? Not that old chestnut again. Such open questions are almost impossible to answer.

Even artists themselves have been struggling for millennia to come up with an explanation and in the end usually resort to saying ‘if I need to explain it to you then you won’t understand.’

Allan Kaprow put it that ‘Art could (but might not) be simply doing art, whatever that is, as long as can’t be identified.’

Now I have never considered myself as an artist yet perhaps I am, at least in my own way. The juxtaposition between creativity and work, art and the artisan, has always fascinated me and I believe that we are all creative in our own way. Some create in paint, some in words and others in organisation. Perhaps we are all artists.

I have come to the conclusion that my latest book is a work of art. I am not claiming that Paradigms Lost is necessarily any good, or that it will shake society to its very foundations. While I have published it and it is available to purchase, I am not that bothered if it is bought, or read or even liked.

Not all works of art are appreciated during the artist’s lifetime.

How can I make such a claim? How am I arrogant enough to consider my book as art?

The book contains a unique set of ideas, brought together in a way that challenge the status quo. It was created through my own efforts, condensed into a tangible object and is available for others to view, interact with, understand and criticise.

What better description of art is there?

Of course you may not agree. You may think that it is the incomprehensible ramblings of a dull mind but does that matter? One person’s meat is another’s poison. If you wish you can buy the book here.

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