AI and social sciences

A few months ago, Ed, a colleague of mine from Durham University, asked if I would chair a panel session on artificial intelligence and social sciences at Proto in Gateshead. These are not subjects that I had any real experience in though this has never stopped me before from having opinions nor contributing to a … Continue reading AI and social sciences

Unfolding plans 179 – A break down

I got the call that I had been dreading this morning.  One of my daughters had broken down on the A1 at one of the busiest times of the day.   She was all right.  The car was off the road and she was safe. The police had been informed, the roadside assistance was on its … Continue reading Unfolding plans 179 – A break down

The rise of artificial intelligence

It looks like artificial intelligence is back on the agenda. Technology has moved on sufficiently to make the breakthrough required a possibility. Interesting. This begs two questions: What is artificial intelligence and; isn’t its development inevitable anyway? I’ve always liked thinking and talking about evolution. It’s a fascinating subject and helps describe why we and … Continue reading The rise of artificial intelligence

Feelings trump facts

I have been an admirer of Dr Edward de Bono’s work for a long time.  I have read many of his books which are always stimulating; in fact I’m just about to finish ‘I’m right, you’re wrong.’ His ‘Six thinking hats’ is one of the books that has had the greatest influence upon me and … Continue reading Feelings trump facts