Unfolding plans 194 – Hurtling everywhere

I’m hurtling everywhere at twenty nine miles an hour.  It doesn’t matter where I go or how fast I seem to go, I end up averaging out at the top speed of a domestic cat.  It’s the traffic that slows me down.  It has become the bane of my life.  It has become an unhealthy … Continue reading Unfolding plans 194 – Hurtling everywhere

Unfolding plans 180 – Traffic

I’m sick of traffic.  I’m sick of being stuck in traffic.  I’m even sick of talking about traffic.  It seems to be my sole topic of conversation these days.  I’m a traffic bore and I’m sick of it. The journey in is normally acceptable but only just.  I know all the places that I’m going … Continue reading Unfolding plans 180 – Traffic

Unfolding plans 179 – A break down

I got the call that I had been dreading this morning.  One of my daughters had broken down on the A1 at one of the busiest times of the day.   She was all right.  The car was off the road and she was safe. The police had been informed, the roadside assistance was on its … Continue reading Unfolding plans 179 – A break down