Beware of anonymisation

I have such a large back catalogue of blogs pieces now that it is almost certain that some of my predictions and comments come true. Despite this I still get the mild glow of self satisfaction when it happens and so it was when I was reading the Telegraph (you need to read some earlier … Continue reading Beware of anonymisation

Driving data to the average

Data is such a hot topic now.  There are many good examples emerging of where it has been used to improve businesses as well as plenty of examples of when things have gone wrong.  I was at a Digital Strategy and Business Intelligence Breakfast Meeting in Newcastle last week and one of the speakers, from … Continue reading Driving data to the average

Unfolding plans 188 – Open Data

Is open data the same as big data?  Well no, not really. Open data is stuff that is out there which can be freely used, shared and messed about with by anyone, anywhere, at any time and for whatever purpose they choose.  It is the wildebeest of the data world, able to roam free across … Continue reading Unfolding plans 188 – Open Data

Unfolding plans 177 – North East ICT

At this week's North East ICT managers meeting we spent a lot of time talking about devolution.  It is a topic that is exercising the minds of many of us in local government at the moment.  It is the hot button issue. It was a good meeting.  All of the seven councils in the soon-to-arrive … Continue reading Unfolding plans 177 – North East ICT

Unfolding plans 167 – The governors

We govern our ICT with three overlapping circles, a trefoil or a shamrock.  Our governance is a lucky charm. We have three overlapping groups that set direction and hold us all together. The Strategic ICT Group comprises directors and Head of service.  Their job is to set the direction and need for technology.  They also … Continue reading Unfolding plans 167 – The governors

Unfolding plans 163 – Durham City connectivity

Superfast broadband connectivity across Durham and the region has been a big issue for us.  The Digital Durham programme has been running for a few years now.  Indeed our first ever cabinet to go live was number 56 just around the corner from Next in the centre of the city.   That was a good day … Continue reading Unfolding plans 163 – Durham City connectivity

Unfolding plans 162 – #Dynamites15

Last night’s Dynamites15 was excellent.  The banqueting hall in Newcastle Civic Centre was packed to the gunnels with a whole host of people interested in the tech industry across the North East.  Every seat was sold which made it a bigger and better event than the first one we had last year.  A huge amount … Continue reading Unfolding plans 162 – #Dynamites15

Unfolding plan 159 – the data trail

Somehow I’ve let data slip off my agenda.  It has slipped off the map.  I realised this when I was at the Open Data Event put on by Dynamo North East and the Federation of Small Businesses.  I should mention Sunderland Software City as well.  I realised that while we were full of intent we … Continue reading Unfolding plan 159 – the data trail

Unfolding plans 143 – Leading the way in Open Data

I’ve been at another conference.  This time it was presented by the Federation of Small Businesses in conjunction with Dynamo and Sunderland Software City.  It was titled ‘North East Leading The Way In Open Data’ and I was asked to speak.  You know that amongst my interests is helping to develop the region so that … Continue reading Unfolding plans 143 – Leading the way in Open Data

Unfolding plans 137 – ten thousand steps

Even the longest journey starts with a single step.  The journey to health though starts with then thousand, apparently. I found out the other day that the phone that I have been carrying around with me has a step counter included.  It is a Windows phone and the application is called MSN Health and Fitness.  … Continue reading Unfolding plans 137 – ten thousand steps