Driving data to the average

Data is such a hot topic now.  There are many good examples emerging of where it has been used to improve businesses as well as plenty of examples of when things have gone wrong.  I was at a Digital Strategy and Business Intelligence Breakfast Meeting in Newcastle last week and one of the speakers, from … Continue reading Driving data to the average

North East Data Group part 2

This is the second part of the presentation I gave last week to the North East Data group at Campus North on what Durham is up to with Open Data. I am pleased to say that our elephant has given birth.  Mother and baby are doing well and we are off and running.  We are … Continue reading North East Data Group part 2

North East Data Group part 1

Last night I had the pleasure of presenting to the North East Data group at Campus North on what Durham is up to with Open Data.  There were twenty or so people in the room and it was interesting how many of them I already knew.   It was a story of two halves, with my … Continue reading North East Data Group part 1

Open journalism

I’ve never really thought about being a journalist.  To be honest I’m not really sure what they do.  Yes, I get that they write articles for newspapers, magazines and the broadcast media but I am assuming that they do more than that.  Surely it is something to do with stories, finding them and writing about … Continue reading Open journalism

Opening open data

The world of open data seems elusive.  It appears to be beyond my reach at times.  I scrabble and scramble yet progress remains painfully slow.  It is like a Kafka novel with obstacles at every turn. It’s not that we don’t have the ideas or the people to implement them.  It’s that we are stuck … Continue reading Opening open data

Data Mill North

Today, a bunch of us went down to visit Leeds Data Mill.  By the time we got there it had been rebranded to Data Mill North.  The name offered a wider catchment area and allowed for a broader political scope yet this is not germane to the story. Data, both open and big has been … Continue reading Data Mill North

A SWOT analysis

Business Durham sponsored one of the work streams at Dynamo 16.  It was held in three sessions.  I led on the first one with help from Dom at Geek Talent and I helped Dom with the next two.  It’s confusing but they were from the same company but two different Doms.  Sessions two and three … Continue reading A SWOT analysis

A year of work in progress – day 5

Day 5 –8 January 2014 Today was a management meeting today.  The Project leaders met in the morning, that is the wider management team and the Senior Management Team met in the afternoon.  I was asked to give an opening talk to set the scene for the year ahead.  This is an abrdiged version, a … Continue reading A year of work in progress – day 5