Artificial stupidity

There is a thought that humans were more intelligent when we were hunter gatherers than we are today. Not as individuals but on average. The need to be able to retain huge amounts of information about what was edible and what was poisonous, what would make you feel better and what would make you sick, … Continue reading Artificial stupidity

Seeing is believing

I’m not sure if I can believe anything anymore. I’ve been reading the book Kevin Nelson’s book – The God Impulse in which he describes how the brain has different states. It can be awake, in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep or in non-REM sleep. It is during REM that our most vivid dreams occur … Continue reading Seeing is believing

Change your password

There are some things in life that are such a hassle: filling the car up with petrol; taking a cheque to cash into the bank; and changing your passwords.  These are not big things and thankfully you don’t have to do them that often but they get on your nerves.  The yellow light that flashes … Continue reading Change your password