Not just Covid-19

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It is without doubt ironic that whilst the world is preoccupied with virus Covid-19 another kind of virus may be lurking in the wings ready to swoop. Of course I am talking about a computer virus or cybersecurity in general. You see, these are the times that cyber criminals like best, they work on the fact that people are lazy, that people will always cut corners and that basically we can’t be bothered.

People will always compromise if they think it will save them a few minutes. Businesses know this, both good and bad. They work on the fact that people don’t have time, are easily distracted or want instant gratification.

And now is a time of great national distraction. The news is wall to wall Coronavirus. We are being given advice from all sides, often contradictory. Stay at home, go into work, don’t travel unless it’s for business, don’t get within three feet and don’t shake hands, though it’s ok to bump elbows. We don’t know what to do or who to listen to.

If the type of work we do allows it and we have to self isolate, then we can work from home. But what if our systems are not up to it? What happens if our security is not as safe as it should be? What happens if the national infrastructure cannot handle the additional traffic?

If this is the instruction, it certainly looks like it is going that way, then there are going to be so many more potential vulnerabilities. We may be distracted and looking the other way but you can be assured that there will be those who are going to have a go at your data with renewed vigour. 

We are all focused on the spread of Covid-19 but we should make sure that this does not take out eye of the ball when it comes to cybersecurity. We are at our most vulnerable when forced to make quick decisions about our technology.

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