The world is in a tailspin – we need unity


I made the conscious decision yesterday to step back from being so critical of the government and its handling of the current Covid-19 crisis. This does not mean that I am happy with the way that they are handling the situation nor that I have an understanding of how I would handle it any better. All of this noise though is a distraction and, at times comes across as petty and point scoring. There are more pressing family related and local issues for us all to focus on.

These are unprecedented times and it may take years for the human world to recover. We may be facing difficulties for the foreseeable future.

What the pandemic has shown, if we did not know it already, is how interrelated the world is. Decisions made in one country are affecting others. Globalism may well be at the bottom of how rapidly the virus is spreading yet globalism is also how humanity will overcome the disease and service. This is a time for international cooperation rather than isolationism, internationalism rather than nationalism. Those who lead need to look outward rather than being parochial.

The resolution of the crisis is going to take all of the talents at our disposal. The structures that are setup to protect society and make it function are more essential than ever, the rule of law, social security, health care, transport… you name it. 

Democracy is one of these structures. We must be careful that the pandemic is not used to grab power, used as an excuse to become more autocratic. 

If the government wants us to be united  in combating Covid-19 then it needs to set an example. All of our political talent should be involved in supporting the country through this crisis.  Now is the time for what we should always have, a government of national unity.

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