A representative organisation

I often chew the cud with an old friend of mine about what is wrong with the world of work. Whenever we are together the conversation somehow gets around to the role of women and minority groups and how to get greater diversity and representation in the workplace. It is not an easy subject yet … Continue reading A representative organisation

Stick to the speed limit

You can get anywhere in a car using just a few rules, perhaps three. Stick to the speed limit, drive on the left and give way to traffic to the right. Yes, there are many more rules but these three allow most people to get to where they need to be without too much thinking. … Continue reading Stick to the speed limit

Memory foam

What is all the fuss with memory foam? How hard is it to remember that you are an oblong? These days you can’t watch television for very long before seeing an advert for a memory foam mattress. I don’t get them to be honest. I have slept on a few and found them not to … Continue reading Memory foam

Don’t bury people under pyramids

Five thousand years ago the Egyptians buried people under pyramids. Businesses have been doing the same ever since. It is an old joke. The first time I ever heard it though was from Stephen Kelly, CEO of Sage and he was giving the keynote presentation at that year’s Dynamo conference. Everyone laughed yet it is … Continue reading Don’t bury people under pyramids

Just stop it

I have a to-do list.  I put all of those action points from the notes I take every day into a task within Outlook.  I transfer those which relate to bigger prices of work into separate tasks and so what is left are the miscellaneous bits and bobs. They are the detritus of my quotidian … Continue reading Just stop it

Shaping Water

The Shape of water is a book by Andrea Camilleri.  It is a quote from a Bruce Lee films.  It is the shape that our service needs to be.  This is a topic that I keep coming back to.  It haunts me and excites me. Water can be any shape.  Try it.  It can be … Continue reading Shaping Water