Don’t bury people under pyramids

Five thousand years ago the Egyptians buried people under pyramids. Businesses have been doing the same ever since. It is an old joke. The first time I ever heard it though was from Stephen Kelly, CEO of Sage and he was giving the keynote presentation at that year’s Dynamo conference. Everyone laughed yet it is … Continue reading Don’t bury people under pyramids

Unfolding plans 160 – Meetings

I spend a lot of time in meetings.  They seem to be a part of what we do.  They are a part of the fabric that holds our organisation together.  But why?  Not why do meetings hold us together but rather why do we have them?  What is their purpose? Well that is easy isn’t … Continue reading Unfolding plans 160 – Meetings

Unfolding plans 144 – Scrum

Somebody has sent me a copy of ‘Scrum, The art of doing twice the work in half the time’ by Jeff Sutherland.  I don’t know who it was.  I had my suspects but one by one they are being crossed off my list.  It just turned up at work in a manila envelope (C5 in … Continue reading Unfolding plans 144 – Scrum

Unfolding plans 139 – we need fewer rules

First break all the rules.  That is what the book said.  If this is a rule then should we break it?  First stick to all the rules? It’s all a bit confusing.  There are too many rules, too many regulations.  I can’t be expected to know them all yet every time we are faced with … Continue reading Unfolding plans 139 – we need fewer rules

Unfolding Plans 131 – A SOWE

I’ve been thinking about how we create a self-organising work environment.  A SOWE.  I’ve been thinking about it ever since I saw Sugata Mitra’s work at the first Dynamo conference and that was well over a year and a half ago.  How do you get your teams to come together and deliver what is required … Continue reading Unfolding Plans 131 – A SOWE

Unfolding plans 128 – what holds you back?

Whose unseen hand is it that rests on your shoulder and holds you back? I think it was in the Facebook offices that a sign was hung which asked 'what would you do if you weren't afraid?’ Underneath someone had written 'I would write on this wall'.  I like that. It appealed to my somewhat … Continue reading Unfolding plans 128 – what holds you back?

Unfolding plans 119 – a new era

Have we moved into a new era of ICT provision?  At least have we where I work?  I ask this because we had a problem the other day that affected a significant part of our business yet no calls were made to the Service Desk. I heard about it from a colleague of mine who … Continue reading Unfolding plans 119 – a new era

Unfolding plans 94 – exciting times in the North East

London is a hot place when the sun shines.  On Wednesday it got well over thirty degrees.  I think I was the only one in the capital to be wearing a jacket and tie but standards have to be kept.  I had caught the train down (yes not up) to present at a conference on … Continue reading Unfolding plans 94 – exciting times in the North East

Unfolding plans 69 – the ‘S’ word

Does the fact that you mention something make it real?  It would seem so.  One of my colleagues brought it to my attention that if I keep banging on about something it sets it squarely in people’s minds.  This is the case even if I am asking if the subject is true or not.  After … Continue reading Unfolding plans 69 – the ‘S’ word

Unfolding plans 60 – Siloism has been on my hit list for a long time

A flyer offering a master class in ‘Eliminating Silo Mentality’ had to be of interest.  Siloism has been on my hit list for a long time.  It’s a perennial problem and probably a fundamental part of human nature.  People like to be part of a group and the easiest way of being part of something … Continue reading Unfolding plans 60 – Siloism has been on my hit list for a long time