Unfolding plans 119 – a new era

Have we moved into a new era of ICT provision?  At least have we where I work?  I ask this because we had a problem the other day that affected a significant part of our business yet no calls were made to the Service Desk.

I heard about it from a colleague of mine who sat next to me in an accommodation meeting.  He was cold through because the heating had been off and his battery was nearly flat because there had been a power cut.  He’d been over at Seaham and I thought it was odd that a priority 1 call had not come through.  When we have such an incident the customers are normally straight onto us as nothing is working.

Now, the power situation over on the east side of the county is never that great.  Power outages are not an uncommon event and so perhaps the users have learnt to take them in their stride.  But this was something that was affecting a large part of the town including the Customer Access Point, a part of the business that relies heavily on technology to provide information to residents and log their issues.

I gleaned as much as I could from my eye-witness and got onto the Service Desk to see if they were aware and sure enough they were.  None of the customers has made contact yet one of our own engineers had been on the phone to let everyone know that there may be problems.  I asked Angela to log a call just in case.

It all seemed very weird.  Normally all hell would have broken loose but it was as quiet as the grave. So what has happened?  The problem has come and gone.  Power has been restored.  All of the systems that should have been working have come back on line yet there still has not been a murmur.

The call that I asked to be opened has now been closed.  It was an empty vessel, a holding call just in case, but for a case that never materialised.

Here is what I’m thinking.  There are several possibilities.  Perhaps it was just another occurrence of something that happens quite regularly.  I did say that the power situation over there isn’t as it should be so could it be that the people there know the drill.  The power going off is an obvious thing.  It is not just the computers that won’t work, the lights go out and the kettle won’t boil.  The only thing to do is sit back and wait.

The power cut had affected parts of the town and so it was obviously not a problem confined to something we had done.  Again the people must have realised this and waited for normal service to be resumed.

It could be though, and here is my hope, that when the current started to flow again all the computers came back online without any problems.  There was, in the end no need to call the Service Desk as everything was back as it should be.

Now that would be a new era.

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