History is new

We live in a country that lives on its past. We talk of kings and queens, battles and castles. Our favourite weekend activity is to visit a stately home and everyone knows about 1066 and all that. Our days of empire are behind us. Thank goodness in my opinion. Our sense of history, pomp and … Continue reading History is new

Evolving people

Early human remains have been discovered in Europe dating back to over seven million years.  This may be stretching a point.  They are the remains of an ape-like creature with human-like teeth found in both Bulgaria and Greece yet the inference is enormous.  This discovery turns our current thinking of human evolution on its head. … Continue reading Evolving people

Will you be saying yes or no to pornography?

Life is never that black or white and the way that a question is phrased will often determine the outcome.  Nudge told us that.  So when you are asked do you want to view pornography online yes or no, how are you going to answer? If the question is ‘Do you want to want children … Continue reading Will you be saying yes or no to pornography?